I don't have a lot of videos for now, but this section will likely see the most change once I get a video camera.  Check back here from time to time.  Until then make sure you have the latest Windows Media Player.  Get it here.  Most of these are kinda large so it could be frustrating for those with a slow connection or dial up.  If you get choppy play, right click the link and choose save as, then play it from where it was saved.

Xaa Kings emotionally charged press conference after a close defeat to 9021-Oin.

Buzz Lightyear He flies faster than I focus

Cooper's Birthday in 3 Minutes
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Flight of the Conchords on HBO is a new and really funny show.  See a few funny videos below:

 If You're Into It

Boom King  

New Waterslide

New Waterslide-Daddy

The First Temptation of Zuzz

Cooper Swimming

More Swimming


Dive2--I hope he always works this hard.


Jim Valvano Espy Speech 1993  If you like this or if you know someone aflicted, click here and think about giving a few bucks.

True Love

Cooper and Daddy's new favorite video

Sexual Harassment

My Buddy's Path to Self Acceptance--circa 1986

F'n Cops.  Watch New Orleans Finest in Action at Walmart

Athlete of the Decade---1980's

It Takes a Man

Cooper's favorite video

My favorite from Cooper's DVD

Cooper eating oatmeal

Stewie Griffin Sings

The Shot Heard Around the World

Picking up Butch

Jonathan vs. Bouchard

Alana Beard