Hey everyone, welcome to my website.  I wanted to use Xaa.com but that name was taken, I wrote to the guy, Vladimir something or other, and asked him to let me have it.  He said no go because where he is Xaa is the symbol for the Athens Stock Exchange.  I don't know his business or even where he is, but I understand no go.  So I thought, how about Xaa.net.  Well, a very nice woman named Donna Schumacher owns that and she is using it for her architecture site.  Check it out here.  So, that wasn't even worth asking for, so I didn't.  I did however think of stealing her logo as my own, but decided that wouldn't be too friendly.  I don't know her, or her work, but with the Xaa monacher, she has to be good!!  Alright, so then my hosting company was offering me BillDehr.com for the low low price....and I thought, well ok maybe.  Then I wondered about my email address and figured Bill@BillDehr.com was a little redundant so I didn't like it.  Well, how about Dehr.com, yeah that would be perfect, except it was already taken by some jack ass who is just trying to sell it.  He won't even entertain offers under 60 euros and well, truthfully, Dehr.com is no Xaa.com so I decided screw him and went with Dehr.net.  Apparently you've found me (or more likely you were directed here by me, but hell, let me feel famous ok?).  Well, you can reach me via email at Bill@Dehr.net so if you were too lazy to follow the directions in the email I sent you, update your address book now.....right now.....I said RIGHT NOW!!  You can send Cooper some email too, but he is kinda young and doesn't read so well.  His manners are developing, but he likely won't respond either.  Reach him at Cooper@Dehr.net.

OK, enough of that for now.  Mostly this site will be for me to talk about me and feel really cool.  Also, it'll be a pretty handy photo album for all you folks interested in seeing Cooper grow, or just looking at the hot stud that I've become.  I'll also post some videos from time to time.  Some of my favorite TV shows, and some of whatever I shoot.  That's whatever I shoot once I get a digital video camera.  I'm going to get one, but I'm not exactly sure what I want yet.  If you have any suggestions, let me have them.  Then you will be bombarded with video.  For now, mostly pictures.  Also, for those of you on dial up, well, you're pretty much screwed.  The videos will be right out for you and even the pictures will take an eternity to load.  Step into this century, get off your wallet and get some broadband for christ sake.